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- Benefits of Virtual Healing Sessions

- What is Reiki and our connection to the Chakra System?

- Seeking Guidance? Oracle Readings
- Guided Meditative Activations
- Active and Passive Meditations
- Intentions & Expectations
- Allowing Energy to Flow with the Wind

Events & Circles: Adventure into the Magic! Monthly Deep Awakening Healing Circle and Oracle BINGO!
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"I just finished listening to Korrin's recording on 'Us & The Elements'.
While listening to this recording, I heard words & felt love in a whole new tone! The message you delivered & the way you teach, is phenomenal & it's pivotal for new beginnings & for continuing journeys in the path we're all on.
I absolutely loved this class & learning about the elements!!! I now see the elements in a whole new level & with so gratitude, respect & love for our Gaia.
Everyone graced with your presence is embraced with love & I can attest to that!!!
Thank you for everything, Korrin Beals. After going thru what I've gone thru, I could hear everything that you said with complete clarity & with all of who I am, with ease & grace."
--- Jennifer Stenson, 7/30/2021 ---

"I had a session scheduled with Korrin and being a single mother of two teenage boys, had to reschedule. She was extremely accommodating and very patient. I received a Reiki Treatment with Korrin on September 23, 2021. She was very insightful. On the intake form there were several questions that I asked her [to] make the choice for me intuitively. She was SPOT on. Made sure I felt completely at ease and relaxed. she walked me through the entire process before the session and answered any questions I had. Towards the end of our session, I had one of my kids having a "crisis". Korrin pulled me back calmly, efficiently and was so amazingly understanding!! I absolutely loved that she was so down to earth. Beautiful, strong, radiant, powerful session! Truly was an honor working with her! Can't wait to schedule another. Hopefully, this time with no interference. 
Thanks So Much!!"
--- Amanda Brown, 9/24/2021 ---

"Korrin is absolutely amazing at what she does. her approach to healing is warm, authentic and compassionate. I can attest that her skills are 100% the real deal; the emotions and sensations I experienced were nothing short of life changing! I will be working with her more in the future, that is a guarantee!!"
--- Crystal Jean, 10/17/2021 ---

"I experienced such a gift the other day! I booked in for a healing session with Korrin Beals and wow. It took me a few days to process everything that came up, but now I can sit in the afterglow and share my delicious experience! 
.... I had been meaning to book a session for so long. I kept telling myself I would book tomorrow, and then weeks went by and still no time for someone to hold space for me. 
For those of you who hold space for others, we can sometimes be the worst at having space held for us. My biggest hesitation is always, trusting that the person can hold space for me, without me needing to hold space for them at the same time... yep it happens. 
I went into session with no expectations. Korrin Beals asked what I wanted to work on, and I just said trust whatever comes through. I was too tired to even know what I needed!....
......I had a healing/energy/meditation journey. I honestly have no idea what I had!! Neither do I care. I booked for Reiki. I got way more than I expected, in the best possible way.
I was held with so much love. Able to be just real and raw. Trusted that I was held in confidence and love, no matter what came through.
I went on a journey, no idea where. And came back feeling so completely exhausted from being in a meditative state. Knowing that there was energy that was clearing, bit by bit, piece by piece.
It was such an incredible experience. And one that I wish I had done sooner (but perfect timing right?) But something I will do for myself on a regular basis!
My goal is to have a session once a fortnight, to make sure I have the space to be deeply held and supported in such a loving container. 
So why am I sharing this? No, it's not a testimony in exchange for the service... I always pay for the services I receive... It was just that good! That powerful. That beautiful. 
So, if you have been thinking of booking in a healing session for yourself, because your soul needs it... take this as your permission slip to book! To take the time you need for yourself to be held in love. No matter what that looks like for you.
If you have never experienced energy healing, I honestly can't recommend it highly enough!
You are worth it! You deserve to be met exactly as you are!
Korrin, I cannot thank you enough for holding me so safely, lovingly and sharing such a sacred space with me. XX"
--- Courtney Wohling, 11/4/2021 ---

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