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Check out the Latest!
A two day Virtual Retreat (Replays Available)
Monthly Oracle BINGO Game Night!
Reiki 1&2 Certification Course April 2022
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Monthly spiritual game night!

Our spiritual journeys can get dominated with such deep inner work we forget that it's good to come up for air and lightness every now and again remembering that this journey can be equally joyous, light and a blast! Let's bring back that celebration with some good ole fashion fun! BINGO anyone?!

Game Seat Ticket: $22 
GRAND PRIZE: Win the most bingos and get a FREE one hour 1:1 Reading

Includes Zoom link, downloadable game board, spiritual group fun, connections and a chance to win a FREE reading valued at $111

Dates: Jan 24th, Feb 21st, March 21st, April 18th, May 16th, June 13th, July 11th, August 8th, September 5th, October 3rd, October 31st, November 28th and Dec 26th 
@ 5:30pm PST

Secure your seat today!

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Reiki 1&2 Deep Dive, Full Immersion Certification Course:

Most Reiki/Energy Healing courses provide the content and attunements but rarely support, activate and allow time to implement that knowledge into action and tangible practices for the practitioner; leaving them to figure it out on their own. This course is designed for full immersion, alignment and activation while being held. It consists of weekly written content, 10 recorded Meditative Activations, 2 Full Body Attunements, a FB Group Community space With LIVE Practice Sessions/Q&As/Attunements and Certification (digital and hard copy.

You deserve to have complete support throughout this journey, to have the space and time for in-depth integration. That being said, it is ultimately up to each of you to truly dedicate yourself to that full integration by utilizing the tools given during the course. Listening to the Meditative Activations daily, really taking the time to soak in the written content, taking advantage of the Weekly Live Q&As for all questions/inquiries (odds are it will speak to many and resonate with all) and implement the practices into your daily routine. Invest this time into you! For your personal and professional awakening and expansion!

Open Registration:

Course Price: $555 

4 Week Payment Plan Available 

(4 automated payments of $142)

Written Content: (more will most definitely be added)
What is Reiki?
What is Energy?
What is an Empath? 
History of Reiki
5 principles of Reiki
Chakra system (7)
Energetic Amplifying Tools: Symbols, Names and Intent
Full Body Treatment Hand Positions (for self-care and client services)
How to.....
       - Creating a treatment space
       - Perform a session (in-person and virtually)
       - Working with clients; Follow the Trail of Pain
       - Connect with clients while staying true to your energy

10 Recorded Meditative Activations: Listen to daily for that week to fully activate, integrate and align with the energy
2 Full Body Attunements
Reiki 1&2 Certifications 
Facebook Group: Community support, impromptu content, lives, connect and share with others for 6 months

Reiki personally and professionally........
-Opens wide the funnel of endless universal life force
-Bringing universal energy into every day, every minute of your life
-Keeps your personal Inner Well full
-Rarely feeling energetically run down, burnt out or unfulfilled again
-Be in full alignment with your higher self and the infinite energy source 
-Deepens awareness of your Divine path and abilities
-Amplify your intuition and self-awareness
-Be able to professionally serve clients 
-Activate healing of the mind, body and soul in yourself and clients
-Provide energetic healing treatments world wide virtually and in numerous professional settings
-Expands your abilities and gifts therefore increasing service options 
-Raise the collective's vibrations


Are you ready?! Does your heart sing as you are reading this?! Is your Divine path calling to you?! 

The Buddhist Proverb: "When a student is ready, the teacher appears" is often true in the case of reiki. Meaning you found this course just in the perfect time in your life. 
Looking forward to connecting, awakening and activating the magic within!

All course information and content will be emailed from

Feel free to private message or email me with any questions
Click HERE to Register (OPEN SOON)!

Reiki does not create new abilities but does reveal, awaken and align us to the universal energy source activating ALL abilities deep within. Like plugging a lamp into an outlet, Reiki makes that connection allowing for the individual to shine their light brightly. Reiki enhances our focus and energetic flow therefore increasing awareness on everything we wish positive energy, health, clarity or resolution about.



It's time to Liberate & Transcend!!
Join us for an incredible 2 day online Virtual IMMERSION into your self
As we guide you into your depths to LIBERATE
And then guide you to your light to TRANSCEND

This is a space for you to journey into your Soul, Body, Mind & Heart and expand into your divine true nature.

Live Retreat was held Jan 15th&16th 2022

Click HERE to access Replays for 3 months!

We have been waiting to share this with you! And now we finally can!!
We (as in Korrin Beals & I) held the most incredible 2 day online virtual retreat that is truly changed lives!

An event that not only is going to help you tap into your higher guidance, clear pain and trauma (hello shadows!), balance your energy, guide you into deep soul activations, release somatic (aka body) blockages...
But also offer you a safe space to journey as you descend and transcend, as you liberate yourself from old outdated energies! A FB Community Group just for you!


Click HERE to experience it yourself!


12+ Hours of full body, mind and spirit liberation and awakening over 2 days. Breath work, shadow release, Reiki awakening, elemental activations, Yoga, Light Language transmissions and more!

We literally busted at the seams to be able to share this sacred space with you!

So WHY is this so freaking important to us?
I personally know for myself, I remember what it was like when I was first going through my awakening/spiritual journey. I had very little support. I felt like I was constantly fumbling in the dark, trying to figure out what any of it meant! I never want anyone to feel like they have no support, or that they are in this alone...
Also, we wanted to create something that was so fucking powerful, that we knew we were changing lives! And in turn, changing the World...

"I will be the change I wish to see, I will hold every hand..." (light of love lyric)...
We want to hold you hand, and you HEART, as you journey into the depths so you can liberate and transcend

We are brought it all. The FIRE, the HEART, the LIGHT, the DEPTHS. We are journeying into the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul!
Like an all encompassing hug for your Soul that will leave you feeling whole, complete, renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on 2022!

Click HERE to awaken within!
Event Replays include:
A Heart Opening Ceremony, Somatic Unwinding, Reiki Activation, Elemental Essence, Nurturing Yoga, Healing Breathwork, Light Language Activation, Meditation and Movement and so much more...

Are you ready to change your life??

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