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Tips, Concepts and Daily Practices

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Common Benefits of Virtual Healing Sessions

- Relaxing: experience a healing session in the comfort of your own home

- Privacy

- Personal Space Safety: no physical contract

- Very Minimal Client Participation: only be open of mind, body and soul

- No Hurried Exit: fully enjoy not having to rush back into the world after, allowing for session relaxation to extend well beyond the appointment.


All appointments are held virtually or sent as a digital copy. I always encourage clients to have a glass of water nearby and a blanket close encase they get chilly or thirsty during the session. Give yourself a moment to get super comfortable, relaxed and prepared to let their mind drift.


- Reiki Energy Healing performed within a week of purchase. This is not a Live Zoom session.
- Before session: Emailed Intake Questionnaire establishing Session goals, intentions, problem areas and questions. A downloadable audio recorded Reiki Infused Meditation/Activation, to enjoy during your session and many times after, from 
- Distance Healing includes but lot limited to: Reiki infusion from head to toe; A full body Universal Energy submersion; Chakra System cleanse, activate and balance; Releasing of any blocks, holds, cords from past and present; Awaken and restore the bodies natural energetic flow; Raise the bodies physical and energetic vibrational frequency to activate our own self healing, repairing and preventative abilities
- After Session: emailed Session Notes includes session and crystal grid details, channeled messages and/or guidance, self-care and treatment plan suggestions. ***Emailed within 48 hours of session time and date.


Our energetic fields can often manifest in physical muscle tension, aches and pains and by addressing both, the physical and nonphysical, we can naturalize, release and restore the bodies natural flow.


Please let me know if you have any questions! All services are not to be used as a substitution for traditional medicine but in conjunction with.  Our bodies are extremely dynamic and one type of treatment rarely addresses the whole. By combining the traditional with the nontraditional we are able to restore the mind, body and soul.


Really looking forward to working with you!

Rainbow Cubes


Reiki described in the simplest terms is a technique that allows the practitioner to channel and direct the universal healing energy that resides around us to the client. It's main purpose is to restore health, balance and connection of our mind, body and soul but can do so much more. Especially when certain intentions are included like love, compassion, forgiveness, trauma healing, past lives karmic release, spiritual awareness, intuition awakening, Chakra alignment and activation, shadow work and endless more. One of its biggest benefits is the abundance of good it opens us up to like a more positive outlook, heightened awareness, a sense of calm, an ease in welcoming new opportunities, increased creativity, a feeling of oneness, blossomed intuition, and the ability to connect and receive messages from your higher self and guides is to name a few. Reiki can open and keep open so many doors while also releasing and shedding what no longer serves your higher good. On a physical level our bodies can often hold and react to energies, emotions and life events commonly resulting in muscle aches and pains, digestive issues, insomnia, headaches, lack of focus or an overall sense of heaviness. When we can address and balance our energetic field and mind can our body function on a higher level also. All Reiki Sessions include a Story Style Guided Meditation!


Chakras are wonderful energetic portals in each of us that connect to different aspects of our physical and mental beings. When these portals work in harmonious unison our mind, body and soul's are truly balanced. Though life experiences can affect these portal's causing them to be overactive or blocked, like a bathroom facet increasing and decreasing the water flow, so can life experiences balance and restore. With a deeper understanding of each chakra and utilizing energetic healing techniques, like Reiki, we can increase our self-awareness and positive intentions therefore adjusting and balancing our chakras with ease.

Reiki Chakra Activation  
Over time and through life's challenges certain chakras can become "turned off" or dominant therefore causing us to feel stuck, stagnant or not fully present in life.  Each chakra also is connected to certain physical regions of our body and when a Chakra is “inactive” it can result in some areas not functioning at their optimal level. This service activates all 7 chakras, facilitating and balancing their natural energetic flow, awakening the power within and restoring our bodies natural functionality. 

Reiki Chakra Clearing  
This service's focused intent is clearing and balancing all 7 chakras. Our chakras can get “clogged”, blocked or heavy with life's challenges causing feelings of stagnation, stuck or drained emotionally and physically. By “unclogging” all the chakras we allow for a full body energetic, emotional and physical shedding of what no longer serves our greater good. With this service we focus on “cleaning house” and resorting the chakra's natural energetic flow facilitating the mind, body and soul to be balanced and fully functional. 

All Distance Energetic Awakening Sessions include a Story Style Guided Meditation!

Start this amazing process of balanced our energetic flow by booking a Distance Energetic Awakening Session Today!

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot


Oracle Card Readings  
Seeking answers? Searching for higher guidance? Do you feel unattached to your life's purpose? Do you feel your Divine path is just around the corner but the lights are not on to show you the way?
This service takes us on a deep dive into all levels of ourselves. Here we can connect fully, gain Divine guidance and walk confidently towards our life's purpose. Receiving clarity on past, present and future life questions and events.  To see more clearly our given place in this beautiful mosaic of time and space, to shedding what no longer serves and moving forward to our greater good. To obtain clarity.

Decorative Lighting


Story Style Guided Activations 
Working in conjunction with our imagination we can sink deep into ourselves listening to a customized Story Style Guided Activation. All are infused with Reiki and crafted with love. By venturing through the story freely do we let our minds wonder, explore and release what no longer serve our greater good. These activations are perfect for grounding, cleansing, replenishing, igniting, awakening and resorting balance in our mind, body and soul. To take a quiet moment for yourself is a powerful thing. Each activation is intensely charging and carefully crafted with imagination, magic and love. 
***Want a Meditative Activation custom designed for only for you?! Options coming soon!

Woman Walking in the Field


Active and passive meditation:

When someone refers to meditation the most common technique that come to mind tends to be categorized on the passive side. Such as sitting still on the floor cross legged for a certain period of time connecting to the earth and sky. Some like to listen to soft music, singing bowls and chanting or use aroma therapy, incense and candles to set the atmosphere. These techniques have been around since the beginning of time and are tride and true for enlightenment, awareness and spiritual evolution. However there are SO many more ways to access that heightened awareness. As time and technology have progressed we tend to do a lot more active meditative practices in our daily lives then we realize.

Meditation in general is a mindful practice of releasing all cluttered thoughts and low vibrational energy that no longer serves us. To be able to take a moment and mentally raise our frequency above the 3D and "see" from a place of greater good. To let our minds flow, wander and break from the daily grind to appreciate the bigger pictures. To not live life on auto pilot but have those moments of doing without thinking so the mind can drift and process.

This can be accomplished in so many ways in our daily lives and each works uniquely for that individual. They also don't need to be done for hours at a time for if we get 5 mins a day then that's 5 mins of clarity.

Such active activities as taking a walk around the block, listening to your favorite song, cooking your favorite meal, dancing, folding laundry, a relaxing drive, reading a book, art, crafts, playing with your children, swimming, blowing bubbles, singing, chanting, playing an instrument, watching your favorite movie or show, taking a bath, taking a shower, journaling, drinking a cup of your favorite beverage, sitting on your porch, being in nature, sitting the park, walking along the beach, tending to your garden, playing with your pet, holding a loved one and so many more.... Whatever let's your mind relax, let go, be grounded and present in the moment.

One of my favorite techniques that combine both passive and active are guided meditations for you are passively listening but actively exploring the farthest corners of your mind threw imagination and imagery. A guided meditation can quickly assist in getting us out of our daily 3D and into a state of clarity.

I personal LOVE story style guided meditation for it brings an extra emphasis of that child like freedom of imagination and adventure and can easily access blocks, emotions and patterns. It can also help us find our guides, elementals, spirit animals and more.

A wonderful quick example is:

-Take 3 deep breaths

-Imagine yourself in the forest

-What does it look like? What color are the trees, the sky? How does the air feel?

-You see a clearing with a spot to sit in the middle

-You take a seat enjoying and embracing your surroundings

-Now you hear something in the bushes next to you

-That something steps out into the clearing.... What is it? What does it look like? How does it make you feel?

-Then this something hands you a gift... What is this gift? How does it make you feel? What is it telling you?

-Now hold it close to your heart.

This meditation only takes minutes and can be done daily. It can show us things from our past, present and future. It can show us what needs to be healed, resolved and how to prepare for what's to come.

Whatever works for you as an individual is what's best for you. Try to notice this week how many active meditations you do without realizing it and then sink farther into those activities and thoughts.

You will be amazed as to what comes threw. 

Touching the Surface


What is the difference between intentions and expectations? 

Expectations tend to focus on the outcome, where as intentions focus on the process. 

Expectations are our perception of how something should go. They set an unprecedented outcome therefore skipping the process of reaching that goal all together. It's like calling a race before the runners reach the finish line. It sets a bar that has no frame to hold itself on. 

Intentions however, are the emotions and desires placed into the process; into the journey. Intentions go hand-in-hand with the beginning, the creation, and then are carried through out the whole process. With intentions, the pressure of the "excepted" outcome drifts away because by using positive intentions everything works out as it should; not as we perceived it should. 

With certain intentions like gratitude, love, understanding and clarity in our everyday life we allow ourselves to flow and progress at the natural pace of the universe. We are open to being guided as events arise and not be attached to the result. 

Unfortunately, with expectations comes such things as disappointment, discouraged, blocks, resistance to the flow and stubbornness.  

It is good to set strong firm solid intentions in life and let those expectations float away, for with true intentions comes manifestation and the eternal reward of abundance. 

Intentions can be lovingly casted over any length of time, action or object. One of my personal favorite daily practices and a wonderful Reiki principle is to set an intention just for that day. 

Every morning say: "Just for today I will be...." and you fill in the blank.

Examples are:

"Just for today I will be creative" and then everything you do that day you come at it with a creative perspective. A "think out of the box" way of approaching things. Do some art or start a project. Take the mundane and put a new twist on it just for that day. 

"Just for today I will be honest" and be fully authentically you for that day. Be honest to others and to yourself. Hold that space of pure unbridled expression and feel it's freedom. 

"Just for today I will be love" and every action, every words, every thought is made with love. Love towards others, the environment, ourselves. 

Over time and practice these intentions can extend to a week, month, year or lifetime. I personally love setting daily intentions and then carrying them with me beyond. 

An intention can be any emotion you want to radiate. Compassion, playfulness, integrity, open minded, growth, expansion, innocence or angelic essence to name a few more. You can set intentions for a situation to work out smoothly with clarity or an intention for your job to always be fruitfully and that your hard efforts will be recognized or the intention that your car will always get you where you need to go.  By holding those intentions close to our hearts with everything we do they are projected and absorbed.  

Intentions are boundless and unique to each person setting them. Like mine intention is to do everything with love and magic 

I hope this resonates and please feel free to message me with any questions 

Hot Air Balloons


 This unique technique can help us release ourselves from "taking on others energy": 

There are MANY techniques and theories on how to not take on others energy and every one of them uniquely works for that individual that is drawn to it. Utilizing these are important for all but especially the empaths out there for we have a tendency to not only relate and feel others energy but hold onto it unknowingly. This technique is perfect for everyday encounters and if you are a practitioner working with clients for it allows you to stay connected and attachment free.

The Window Screen Technique:

Most suggestions out there speak of walls, bubbles and blocks when dealing with others; which are essential in certain situations but can be detrimental in everyday dealings and working in the healing arts with clients. For unfortunately those techniques perpetuates a level of disconnection that hinders us from being fully present in the moment and experiencing opportunities for growth. 

Instead of walls or bubbles imagine yourself as a big window screen that's firmly secured in place by a sturdy frame with beautiful curtains and shutters. And like that window screen you allow the breeze of energy glide easily threw. It tickles your edges and you may sway just slightly in it's excitement but it doesn't rattle you one bit. And with self-care and self awareness that screen can stay clean and clear all the time. 

In harnessing the essence of the window screen we are able to be present, acknowledge the situation, hold space for that person BUT NOT hold on to any energy that's isn't ours. 

Now if I'm dealing with a particularly aggressive wind I turn that window screen into a chain link fence... Still allowing the wind to pass right threw but harnessing a much stronger material .... Or put up a wall so big that they can't see where it ends. 

Lastly, we all know the power of manifestation and that goes for positive and negative intentions. If we strive for positive thinking than we are rewarded with positivity in our life. Well if we are always looking for and thinking about protecting ourselves from taking on others "bad" energy, dark entities, energy vampires, narcissists and so on then that's what we're going to find. I'm not saying don't protect yourself, by any means, but focusing on it so much isn't healthy either.  By listening to our inner voice, that gut feeling, and our higher self we can use discernment and proceed accordingly for every individual situation. 

I hope this helps for it's done wonders for me. I am massive emotional empath that struggled constantly growing up with feeling others energy but in a Reiki course, in massage school 10 years ago, I was taught this technique and it's changed my life completely. I am fully able to be present for loved ones, clients, friends and strangers at a much more manageable level and still be only me. 

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