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Fairy: Explore the Magic (28:25)

Fairy: Explore the Magic (28:25)

A Story Style Meditative Activation:
Each infused with the power of Reiki, Divinely channeled and carefully crafted with love. 


Fairy: Explore the Magic (28:25)
-Takes us on a journey into a Magical Land
-To find our Mystic Guide
-Recieve gifts and messages of love
 -Activate our Root and 3rd Eye Chakra Centers 
-Fuse us with the Element of Earth on a soul level
-Awaken and connect us with our OWN Divine Inner Mystic
-To reunite with our Guide Family once again
-With every listen can we receive new gifts, can we get to know our guides on a deeper level 
-Can we also meet new guides and receive new gifts expanding our Mystic family and abilities
-With every listen do new visions, emotions and freedoms arise!


Our intention with these practices is to embrace the essence of our magic, to see what needs to been seen, to understand what needs clarity, to meet our Mystic Guides and connect with our OWN inner Mystic. With love and magic.



Bundle any 5 meditations/activations and get the 5th ONE for FREE!!!

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-Release all that no longer serves

-Connect with every level of your soul

-Welcome in new boundless energy


Nothing is out of reach! Your happiness matters!

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