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Us and The Elements: Exploration Editorial

Us and The Elements: Exploration Editorial

Us and the Elements Workshop: Emailed Written Editorial 

We are they and they are us!


This Workshop takes a deep dive into each Element, their characteristics, essence and how we can channel their beautiful energy in our daily lives. BONUS material on how to create your own guided meditations inspired by the elements.


Do the Elements resonate with your soul?

Have you always been drawn to nature?

Have you always wanted to connect deeper with the universe?

This workshop is for you!


"Air: Our breath is the voice of our spirit/soul, desires and dreams

Fire: Drives back the darkness exposing things for what they are and revealing what’s behind the curtain

Earth: We are one with earth for we are our own earth for our mind and soul

Water: Shows us no matter how much chaos is around or what “container” we are in, things will always balance and level out in the end

Love: If not love then destruction. Love is an essential component of creativity and feeds progression with our passion"


They are are present in everything we do and experience throughout life. By understanding them on a soul level can we embrace their powers and thrive with abundance and flow. Invest in YOU and the Elements today!

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