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Reiki: Distance Healing

Reiki: Distance Healing

Reiki: Distance Healing Session 

Feeling off, sluggish, unsettled and/or simply don't have the energy you used to? Do you long to be fully connected to your mind, body and soul? 

This session is perfect for activating, clearing and revitalizing our natural energetic flow. It connects and awakens all physical and energetic layers deep within and brings balance, peace and unity to our life.

Service info:
- Reiki Energy Healing performed within a week of purchase. This is not a Live Zoom session.
- Before session: Emailed Intake Questionnaire establishing Session goals, intentions, problem areas and questions. A downloadable audio recorded Reiki Infused Meditation/Activation, to enjoy during your session and many times after, from 
- Distance Healing includes but lot limited to: Reiki infusion from head to toe; A full body Universal Energy submersion; Chakra System cleanse, activate and balance; Releasing of any blocks, holds, cords from past and present; Awaken and restore the bodies natural energetic flow; Raise the bodies physical and energetic vibrational frequency to activate our own self healing, repairing and preventative abilities
- After Session: emailed Session Notes includes session and crystal grid details, channeled messages and/or guidance, self-care and treatment plan suggestions. ***Emailed within 48 hours of Energy Healing performed.

Feel the inner wholeness of Self today!

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