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Reiki 1&2 Online Certification Course

Reiki 1&2 Online Certification Course

Reiki 1&2  Online Certification Course:
This course is specifically designed for integration, support, full immersion, alignment and activation of every level.



⦁ Work at your own pace w/ Written Content: What is Reiki? What is Energy? What is an Empath? History of Reiki, 5 principles of Reiki, Chakra system (7), Energetic Amplifying Tools: Symbols, Names and Intent, Full Body Treatment Hand Positions (for self-care and client services), How to..... Creating a treatment space, Perform a session (in-person and virtually, Working with clients, Follow the Trail of Pain, Connect with clients while staying true to your energy and so much more!

⦁ 10+ recorded Meditative Activations: Reiki infused, Activates energy on all levels, listen to daily for full integration, alignment and cellular upgrade

⦁ Reiki Community FB Group 

⦁ LIVE Zoom Practice Circle, Support Q&A and Reiki 1&2 Attunements 

⦁ Certification: Digital and Hard Copy


Reiki professional and personal benefits........

⦁ Burst open a funnel of endless universal life force, Brings universal energy into every minute of your life keeping your personal Inner Well full. Rarely feeling energetically run down, burnt out or unfulfilled again. Be in full alignment with your higher self and the infinite energy source deepening your awareness of your Divine path and abilities. Amplify your intuition and self-awareness. Provide professional services to clients activating health of the mind, body and soul. Hold treatments world wide virtually and in numerous professional settings. Raise the collective's vibrations.


Are you ready?! Does your heart sing wanting more?! Looking forward to connecting, awakening and activating the magic within!


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