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Reiki 1&2 Online Certification Course

Reiki 1&2 Online Certification Course

Reiki 1&2  Online Certification Course:
This course is specifically designed for integration, support, full immersion, alignment and activation of every level.



⦁ Work at your own pace w/ Written Content: What is Reiki? What is Energy? What is an Empath? History of Reiki, 5 principles of Reiki, Chakra system (7), Energetic Amplifying Tools: Symbols, Names and Intent, Full Body Treatment Hand Positions (for self-care and client services), How to..... Creating a treatment space, Perform a session (in-person and virtually, Working with clients, Follow the Trail of Pain, Connect with clients while staying true to your energy and so much more!

⦁ 10+ recorded Meditative Activations: Reiki infused, Activates energy on all levels, listen to daily for full integration, alignment and cellular upgrade

⦁ Reiki Community FB Group 

⦁ LIVE Zoom Practice Circle, Support Q&A and Reiki 1&2 Attunements 

⦁ Certification: Digital and Hard Copy


Reiki professional and personal benefits........

⦁ Burst open a funnel of endless universal life force, Brings universal ene