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Moon Ceremony: Element Love & Chakra Activation (42:33)

Moon Ceremony: Element Love & Chakra Activation (42:33)

A Story Style Meditative Activation: Element Love and Chakras
Each is infused with the power of Reiki, Divinely channeled and carefully crafted with love. 

Moon Ceremony: Love and Chakra Activation: (42:33)

Is great for any time but especially during the peaks of the moon's cycle, opening up the heart space bring in the love of the universe and activating each chakra center

Love: Love is what makes the world go around... no really it does! Without love than destruction. Without love than war and anger. Whether we realize how much or how little, we all love life and that love translates into passions, desires, wants and dreams. With love comes motivation (passion and desire) to manifest our life’s path. With love can we tackle the most tedious or mundane with ease in the goal of reaching our greater good. With love can we give, receive and support those around us... but more importantly ourselves. All Love meditations welcome the unconditional love of the Divine filling our mind, body and soul. By allowing for love to over flow into every aspect of our lives we can truly transmute anything, be deeply happy and find joy, gratitude, abundance and magic in all things.

Chakras: Chakras are wonderful energetic portals in each of us that connect to different aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual self. When these portals work in harmonious unison our mind, body and soul's are truly balanced. Though life experiences can affect these portal's, causing them to be overactive or dormant, like a bathroom facet increasing and decreasing the water flow; just as equally can energy work, self-awareness and life experiences balance and restore. With a deeper connection to each chakra and utilizing energetic healing techniques (like Reiki, meditation and many others) we can adjust and balance our mind, body and soul with efficiency.

-With every listen do new visions, emotions and freedoms arise!

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-Release all that no longer serves
-Connect with every level of your soul
-Welcome in new boundless energy

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