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Magic - Exploration & Gifts (23:46)

Magic - Exploration & Gifts (23:46)

Story Style Meditative Activation: Magic

Magic - Exploration & Gifts (23:46)

This meditation guides us through exploration of our mind, heart and soul. Guides, loved ones and gifts may greet us along the way.


Magic: Magic is within us all. Sometimes it is faint, quiet and other times it thunders like a lightening bolt. Our connection to magic is an important piece of happiness, joy and adventure in life. Our inner magic thrives when we undulge and explore. Its an open line of communication with the unknown and known. Magic has been around since to dawn of time and is inside us all.



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-Release all that no longer serves

-Connect with every level of your soul

-Welcome in new boundless energy


Nothing is out of reach! Your happiness matters!

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