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Element: Air - Calm After the Storm (13:00)

Element: Air - Calm After the Storm (13:00)

Story Style Guided Meditative Activation: Element

Air- Calm After the Storm (13:00)

This meditation guides us through the Storm Within cleansing, freeing all the no longer services and welcoming calm. 


Air: We are air. Air filling our lungs brining the universal life force and vitality. Air gives life to all living things... it is it’s most basic role. Looking deeper however, it allows us to speak our truths, needs, wants and boundaries making them tangible for others to understand. Air holds us accountable for how we express ourselves. It carries much power for a spoken word can hurt like a bee’s sting or cheer us on to victory. All Air Element mediations open the flood gates of lightness and expression into our lives. It frees us to the fluidity of the Divine and releasing all that no longer server to fly away with the wind.



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-Release all that no longer serves

-Connect with every level of your soul

-Welcome in new boundless energy


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