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Activate Your Energetic Oasis & Chakra Centers (21:24)

Activate Your Energetic Oasis & Chakra Centers (21:24)

A Story Style Meditative Activation: Element Fire, Earth, Water & Chakras

Each is infused with the power of Reiki, Divinely channeled and carefully crafted with love. 

Activate Your Energetic Oasis & Chakra Centers: (21:24)

Takes us on a journey  through our energetic desert creating a beautiful restorative oasis while opening, activating and healing each Chakra Center


Fire: There is fire within us all. This is the burning inferno of desires, wants, dreams. It's what motivates and gives us strength to accomplish anything we want. It can greatly assist with cleansing and burning away all old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve; melting them into new beginnings and rebirth therefore feeding our creative flow. All Fire Element mediations ignite the burning fire within allowing for personal empowerment, motivation, action, and creativity.


Earth: Earth gives us life, nutrients, food, a home, security, a mother’s wisdom and so much more. Earth connects us to the universe, time and evolution. Earth is the stage that witnesses all and still holds us in a motherly embrace. We suckle from her eternal life source from beginning to end and experience her wisdom. All Earth Element mediations pull in the unconditional essence of earth filling our mind, body and soul with her vitally and wisdom. By connecting to Earth do we bring security, a solid foundation, timeless wisdom and the simple essence of life into our day-to-day routine. All Earth meditations focus on grounding, honoring our solid foundations and connecting us to our Divine place in time.

Water: We are water. 60% of our body is water and 75% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Physically, water assist in all bodily functions and is essential for life and survival. Energetically it brings in purity, cleanliness and fluidity in everything we do. It shows us that no matter how much chaos is around, life will always balance and level out in the end... might not be in the way we original thought but it does. Water is the natural ebb and flow of life. All Water Element mediations welcome an abundance flow of energy, flushing and clearing all that no longer serves while simultaneously filling up our Eternal Well therefore balancing and purifying our mind, body and soul.


Chakras: Chakras are wonderful energetic portals in each of us that connect to different aspects of our physical, mental and spiritual self. When these portals work in harmonious unison our mind, body and soul's are truly balanced. Though life experiences can affect these portal's, causing them to be overactive or dormant, like a bathroom facet increasing and decreasing the water flow; just as equally can energy work, self-awareness and life experiences balance and restore. With a deeper connection to each chakra and utilizing energetic healing techniques (like Reiki, meditation and many others) we can adjust and balance our mind, body and soul with efficiency.


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-Release all that no longer serves

-Connect with every level of your soul

-Welcome in new boundless energy

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