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Feb 1, 2022 - Mar 8, 2022

Reiki 1&2 Full Immersion Certification Course

  • 36Days


5 Week Reiki 1&2 Deep Dive, Full Immersion Certification Course: February 2022 This 4 week course is designed for full immersion, alignment and activation while being held. You deserve to have complete support throughout this journey to have the space and time for in depth integration. Dates/Times: Live #1: Course Intro will be in The Channeler's Exchange group Tuesday February 1st @ 5pm PST. Invite a friend! Course registration will be open till 2/4/2022 Weekly Content and Meditative Activations sent out Saturdays: February 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th 4 Zoom Lives Q&As and Practice Sessions: Thursdays: February 10th, 17th, 24th, and March 3rd @ 5:00pm PST 2 Full Body Attunements Thursday February 10th and 24th Written Content: (more will most definitely be added) ⦁What is Reiki? ⦁What is Energy? ⦁What is an Empath? ⦁History of Reiki ⦁5 principles of Reiki ⦁Chakra system (7) ⦁Energetic Amplifying Tools: Symbols, Names and Intent ⦁Full Body Treatment Hand Positions (for self-care and client services) ⦁How to..... Creating a treatment space, Perform a session (in-person and virtually), Working with clients; Follow the Trail of Pain, Connect with clients while staying true to your energy Live/Recorded Content ⦁5 Live Weekly Q&A/Energetic Practice Sessions ⦁5 Recorded Meditative Activations: Listen to daily for that week to fully activate and with the energy ⦁2 Full Body Attunements ⦁Reiki 1&2 Certifications ⦁Facebook Group; Community support, impromptu content, lives

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